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Our Milestones

Our story goes back a long way. Our rich body of studies, experiences, research and patents, acquired over the years from the moment Fidia began to believe in the biological approach to pharmaceuticals.

Fidia is founded in Bologna

The name Fidia comes from the acronym of “Farmaceutici Italiani Derivati Industriali Affini” meaning “Italian Industrial Pharmaceuticals and Related Derivatives”


Fidia moves to Abano Terme (Padua)

The company is bought by a group of entrepreneurs from Padua.


The first Hyaluronic Acid-based product for topical use is launched

Fidia launches its first Hyaluronic Acid-based product for topical use. For over 60 years Fidia has been producing Hyaluronic Acid of extractive origin or through biotechnological fermentation processes, with different molecular weights.


New site in Abano Terme (Padua)


Fidia moves to its current site in Abano Terme (Padua)


Fidia files its first patent application for pharmacologically active fractions of Hyaluronic Acid, the first of a very long series

In the last 30 years Fidia has filed, extended and approved more than 1,300 patents worldwide, over
1,100 of which involve Hyaluronic Acid with different molecular weights, industrial processes, formulations, compositions, and applications.


The first Hyaluronic Acid medicinal product in Italy was launched for intra-articular use.
The product launched will be the forerunner for Hyaluronic Acid-based products for intra-articular treatment of osteoarthritis.


Fidia Research Sud SpA is established in Noto.
Today Fidia’s branch in Noto is now a research unit focused on optimising processes for the development of enzymes, proteins and polysaccharides.


The first Hyaluronic Acid medicinal product for intra-articular use is launched in the US.
Fidia was the first Italian company to obtain authorization to market this product in the United States from the American FDA.


Fidia is acquired by P&R S.p.A.
Thanks to this acquisition, Fidia continues its international growth.


Hyalubrix 60/HyalOne are launched

Thanks to its ongoing commitment to research, Fidia continues to develop new Hyaluronic Acid-based solutions for intra-articular treatment.


Fidia opens a wholly owned subsidiary in the US

Our international vocation allowed us to successfully push ourselves beyond our boundaries.


A new generation of products

Fidia’s consolidated know-how in the use of Hyaluronic Acid allowed to modify the HA molecule and develop a new and revolutionary generation of products for the intra-articular treatment of osteoarthritis.


Fidia opens a wholly owned subsidiary in Germany


Fidia opens a wholly owned subsidiary in Spain


Fidia opens a wholly owned subsidiary in Russia and Middle East


Fidia enters the Czech and Slovak markets

With the acquisition of  Glynn Brothers Chemicals Prague spol. s.r.o.  and Glynn Brothers Slovakia s.r.o. we have extended our business also in these countries, adding sound operational capabilities and know-how.
Today, they are fully integrated into the Fidia Group, operating as Fidia Pharma Slovakia s.r.o. and Fidia Pharma CZ s.r.o. 


Fidia acquires Biofarmitalia S.r.l.
The reason of this acquisition is to grow Fidia’s expertise in the development of new technologies for cosmetic and pharmaceutical applications, such as transdermal patches, impregnated matrices, controlled-release patches and devices that allow the active substances to be administered through the dermal, transdermal and oral routes. Today Biofarmitalia is an integral part of Fidia.


Fidia acquires Sooft Italia S.p.A.
With this operation Fidia strengthens its presence in the field of ophthalmology, thanks to a complete range of products – eye drops, supplements, medical devices – with established brands. Today Sooft is an integral part of Fidia.


Fidia acquires Soluciones Bioregenerativas SL

Fidia consolidates its know-how in the field of regenerative medicine, with the aim of ensuring the development of new treatment opportunities worldwide. Today Soluciones Bioregenerativas SL is an integral part of Fidia.


Fidia opens a wholly controlled subsidiaries in Egypt and France


Fidia opens a wholly owned subsidiary in Austria


Fidia enters into the Polish market and founds its Polish affiliate, Fidia Pharma Polska.