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Our people help us to grow

We want people who work at Fidia to have the opportunity to participate in training, to challenge themselves and experiment. Because a company can only evolve if its people also evolve.


VOLA is an acronym that sums up the four competencies that are fundamental at Fidia: Vision, Openness, Leadership and Accountability.
The four VOLA competencies assist us in our day-to-day lives and we constantly strive to promote them and implement them across our organisation.

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Language training program

In Fidia we believe that employees give their best if their personal goals fit perfectly with job life. That’s why we offer to all our colleagues and their families language courses: learning helps get in touch with personal goals and aspirations.

Managerial training

All team managers are known as managers of people. We have around 100 team managers, all of whom are involved in ongoing training initiatives to sustain the cultural change that is under way.
The latest topics addressed have been:
– vertical and horizontal leadership,
– giving feedback,
-how to manage effective meetings.

Development center

This programme brings out the skills and potential in each person, to help them to further their professional development within Fidia. It involves 2 days of assessments and skills and provides us with an up-to-date map of talent within the company.
Groups of 8-10 people take part and there have already been some seven editions of the programme.

Fidia Coaching Plus

This programme makes coaching courses available for every Fidia employee or collaborator. For the development of this project we periodically train internal coaches (Fidia Plus Coach), that will be able to gain credits towards ICF (International Coach Federation) certification and will help support the development of their colleagues.



For me, being a coach means being a guide for each person in order to help them embark on a path towards the discovery of their potential and resources by exploring new possibilities and new solutions on every activity that can happen in their life and work.

Professional development

Executive Course for Commercial Managers in collaboration with the Faculty of Business Administration of the Prague University of Economics and Business that aims to train the top management of tomorrow.